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WE are a European company that distributes high quality wood pellets since 2018.

Mobirise Mobirise

Natural wood pellets.

Pellets from our company produced from 100% natural wood without bark and without any glues or other chemical additives. Contamination-free handling and a strict quality
control program ensure subsequent ash levels are minimized. Our bulk wood pellets adhere to the premium grade ENPlus A1 standard set by the European Wood Pellet Council. ENplus is the new benchmark for the consumers and the operation of their boilers and stoves.
Wood pellet prices can be as much as 50% less than the cost of fossil fuels and the resulting annual fuel savings can be substantial!

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More details

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How to Purchase.

You can purchase wood pellets directly at our office-warehouse or online on our
website. When you purchase pellets from our company you save money by working
directly with manufacturers. Depending on the size of the order we offer a variety of
packaging and delivery options.

Currently we can Ship 200 tonnes = 600 tonnes of pellets per month by making 2-4
deliveries per week.
Usually we deliver 23 pallets in one truck.
Each pallet contains 70 bags that are 15 kg
each. Total Weight per truck is 24.15 tonnes.
Also, we deliver pellets packaged in Big Bags. One Big Bag is one tonne.
You can contact us directly if you have any question, we will help you order your first


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